Security And Convenience: High Tech Gadgets Every Cyclist Needs For A Better Experience


Bikes are a valuable means of transportation today. First and most importantly, bikes are good for the environment. Taking your bike instead of a car helps reduce carbon emissions. Second, bikes keep you fit. Riding even a few days per week is good for your cardiovascular and overall health.

Bikes can also be a convenient mode of transportation, especially if you live in a city that has embraced cycling. You won’t have to endure endless traffic when you move around on a bike.

The best part? Modern technology has made cycling even more enjoyable. There are dozens of high-tech gadgets that can transform your cycling experience. In this article, we will cover the top gadgets that every cyclist needs. Let’s jump right in:

Smart Helmet

Safety is critical among cyclists. Sadly, as the sun sets, the risk of getting involved in an accident increases tremendously. One of the best ways of ensuring you are safe while cycling at night is to make yourself more visible.

You can do that with many accessories, but nothing is as impressive as a smart helmet. Some of the top smart helmets available on the market today come with a front-facing light that makes you visible against oncoming traffic. They also have a back-facing light making you visible to the motorists behind you. But it doesn’t stop there.

Advanced helmets come with an LED screen at the back. These helmets give you the freedom to add different animations to the screen. Not only is this cool, but it also makes you more visible compared to just one solid light.

Smart helmets also come with automated brake lights and turn signals. These will significantly improve how you communicate with other motorists on the road. They should consequently boost your safety.

GPS Trackers

There are different kinds of GPS trackers for bikes. You can get smaller GPS trackers that are pretty easy to hide. These will help you keep track of your bike at all times.

Alternatively, you can go for the more advanced GPS trackers. These trackers are commonly featured in any high tech cycle computer that can pinpoint the bike’s location and support your fitness efforts. They typically come with a powerful smartphone app where you can track your cycling performance. 

Some GPS trackers also have a display screen where you can monitor your performance in real-time. For example, if you want to cover a specific distance when cycling, the monitor will display your progress.

High-tech Gloves

High-tech cycling gloves will make your experience riding around town more exciting. These gloves combine various features to make you more comfortable and safer.

For starters, they come with LED panels with a rechargeable battery. The LED panel lights up to create winkers. These will increase your visibility when turning in the dark and even during the daytime.

The material of high-tech gloves is also pretty advanced. You can get gloves with leather velcro straps. These straps keep the gloves in place while remaining comfortable on your wrist. 

Meanwhile, the palm area is usually a combination of reinforced leather and shock-absorbing foam. The leather gives you a comfortable grip, while the foam absorbs shock to keep you comfortable. That makes it easier to ride even offroad. Plus, they are usually moisture-wicking, so your palms will feel comfortable throughout.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can come in handy in various situations, depending on the features of the lock. Expect location and GPS tracking, theft alerts, and other clever features from the most advanced smart locks.

These features enhance your cycling experience in various ways. For example, the location tracker can help you find your bike at the shopping mall. Theft alerts come in pretty handy when someone is trying to unlock and ride away with your bike.

Magnetic Smartphone Mount

Some people cannot afford to stay away from their phones for an extended period. A client or employer may call you at any time, and you have to be available for the call.

A magnetic smartphone mount is the best way to ensure your cycling errands do not cost you your job. These mounts are constructed with powerful magnets that keep your smartphone in place even in the roughest terrains.Besides bringing your phone nearby, magnetic smartphone mounts also open new opportunities. For example, you can use your smartphone as a terrain guide when cycling in a new path. You can also install various apps to track how long you’ve been cycling.

Those are some of the cool gadgets that can make cycling time more enjoyable. Is there any sick high-tech device you’re using that we don’t know about? Let us know!

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