How To Start Cycling Again If You Were Injured


It may be that you used to cycle a lot but then stopped for some reason. Perhaps you were busy with a new job, traveling abroad, or getting married. Alternatively, you may have experienced a sports injury or been involved in an accident. 

When someone returns to cycling after a long break, it can be tempting to overdo it. People may try completing the cycle routes they used before. They may even attempt to do them in the same amount of time. This is unwise. If someone has been recovering from an accident, they may re-injure themselves in the process. We will now look at the correct way to restart your cycling activities. 

Consider Using An Electric Bike

The difference between this and a classic pushbike is the ‘pedal assist’ function. People can use their bikes in the usual way but can also harness the integrated battery’s power. Imagine you’re going uphill and feel short of breath. Alternatively, you may be experiencing symptoms from your old injury. In an instant, you can enable the bike to do the work for you. 

This can be great for people with diabetes who are concerned their blood sugars may become low during the journey. People with heart conditions can prevent themselves from over-exerting. Asthmatics and other people with respiratory conditions can have more control over their breathing. 

The internet provides a host of different information and advice on e-bikes. A visit to Electric Bike Paradise reveals that people are looking for flash sales and customer reviews. They offer bike photos side by side and compare the costs. You can also read buyers’ guides and access helpful blogs. 

Involve The Professionals

Whenever people decide to take up exercise, they are advised to first speak to their doctor. They can assess a person’s health and make specific recommendations. If someone is recovering from an injury, this is highly relevant. If a doctor says, ‘don’t’ or ‘not yet,’ it’s essential to obey them. They are not just cautious. Let’s face it: their level of expertise will be greater than ours!  

Many people receive physical rehabilitation after becoming injured. Such professionals should also be consulted when you recommence cycling. It’s unwise to say you have no symptoms and save your money while physical therapists can assess how your muscles and limbs are doing. They’ll check for tension and strain and give you their suggestions.

Begin Slowly And Advance Gradually

You won’t get fit overnight, so don’t go mad. The most significant gains will be those that you make over time. Be slow to set yourself goals, and respect your body. Exercise bikes are a great way of monitoring your daily mileage. It may be that you can do 30 minutes of medium cycling each day. Over time you could do this once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Don’t do vigorous exercise during the evening as it could inhibit your ability to sleep.

Every injury is different, so you will need to discover your ideal routine. Some people benefit from cycling for six minutes and then resting for four. Then they cycle for seven and rest for three.  

Be Patient With Yourself

You may have good days and bad days. Give yourself time. There may be times when you are unwell or too busy to exercise. Don’t give up. 

It’s essential to be realistic about your current state of health as well. After a week or two, don’t despair if you aren’t progressing as much as you wanted. Tell yourself that you’re not where you wish to be, but you’re not where you used to be. 

General Fitness

There are other forms of exercise you can do to enhance your cycling. Swimming is not an impact sport. This might be especially helpful if you had such things as elbow or knee injuries. 

If you start working out at the gym, you’ll increase your muscle mass and strength. This will be best achieved by lifting weights. Some people who have been injured end up with one leg or arm being stronger than the other. It’s therefore wise to customize your exercise. Make sure that all your additional activities don’t make you overdo it, however. If you use a personal trainer, let them advise you too.

Your increase in strength and endurance may be slow, but sure. Over time you will reap the benefits of doing things right. If you have been injured, this will hopefully heal. Cycling will once again be a fun and exhilarating activity for you.

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