All-Colorado Marathon and Half Marathon Records

To the best of our knowledge, these are the fastest times ever run at a marathon or half marathon in the state of Colorado, on a USATF certified course. Some of the certified courses in Colorado are downhill courses which are not eligible for American Record purposes per USATF. However, we feel that because of the altitude factor, we will consider results run on those courses as eligible for this list. Please contact us if you feel you have run faster.

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Updated 10/13/2020

All-Colorado Marathon Records
Age Group Name Race Time
19 & under Awet Beraki American Discovery Trail (2016) 2:38:18
20-24 Creighton King Rawhide (1983) 2:22:12
25-29 Norberto Segura Rawhide (1984) 2:18:06