Things You Need To Know Before You Start Cycling

Image by bedrck from Pixabay

The current COVID-19 pandemic has left many people staying indoors unless one is making an essential journey. Currently, one of the best forms of outdoor exercise that is permitted includes cycling. If you’re about to start cycling or are returning to it after a while, you need to get accustomed to some ground rules. Any person you see on a bicycle was once a beginner cyclist like you are. It’s tempting to think cycling is more straightforward, especially if you look at it from the outside. Sometimes, cycling can come off as intimidating for a newbie. However, once you take that first ride, nothing will stop you from getting hooked to the sense of adventure and freedom cycling offers. To help, we’ve prepared some essential guidelines so you can hit the road with full confidence.

Have the Right Bike

To start things off, you need to have a good set of wheels. There are different types of bikes suited to other roads. If you’re a beginner, we recommend checking for reviews on the best gear for all outdoor activities. All in all, it would be best to go for a lightweight bike with skinny tires if you’re starting. This type of bike has the right geometry and is designed to help you navigate streets and bike paths.

Additionally, you will also need to size your bike. This means getting the appropriate bike that resonates with your overall body weight and height. According to bike size guide, correct bike size allows you to feel more comfortable and secure. You will also need to factor in other issues like budget since some bikes are more expensive than others.

Ensure your Seat Height is Set Correctly

Are you uncomfortable and experiencing pain in your knees? This means your seat might be too low hence causing you to under-extend during your pedal stroke. In many cases, this is a notable mistake with many newbies. Many people want to feel more confident and comfortable if their feet are level with the ground. However, you should know that having the incorrect saddle height puts you at risk for injury. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can seek help from your local bike store in adjusting your seat. They will be more than willing to help you set up your saddle height.

Start Slowly

“Hurry hurry has no blessing.” You don’t need to kill yourself when starting. While you might be in good shape, cycling engages different muscles than other exercises. This means your body needs time to get used to the new types of stress. Professional cyclists recommend starting nice and easy and ensure that you enjoy yourself. Start by covering 3-6 miles at first as you progress gradually. With time, you’ll be an expert covering more distance than you’d even thought off.

What about the Clothing?

This is a tricky area for many new cyclists. If you plan to go for short cycle rides, perhaps to work or school, you’re good to go in regular clothes. You don’t need to wear anything special for such rides. However, if you plan to go road cycling and cover some longer distances, we recommend getting a sportive and a good pair of padded shorts. Additionally, this would also be an excellent time to join a local biking club. The significant advantage with padded shorts is that they can be worn plainly, or concealed under baggy shorts. They provide an extra layer of padding that provides cushioning against the saddle. This will significantly improve comfort, especially on longer rides.

Stay Hydrated

One of the worst feelings of being on a bike is dehydration or feeling like you’re energy deprived. Remember, cycling is a physical exercise, which means you will sweat a lot. You will often get thirsty, especially if you’re cycling during the hot months. Some bikes come with a frame that allows you to fix a bottle cage to fit your cycling water bottle. The significant benefit of a water bottle is that you can reuse it several times as it is easy to clean.

Make Friends and Explore Each Local Bike Store

You need to make a list of the shops you’ll be visiting to get your repairs done. Start by making a small list of best to worst by customer service. Local bike stores come in handy since you will not have to rely on Amazon every time you need a spare part. Finally, you can find online forums in your area that talk about cycling. You might learn a thing or two from such stories.

Finally, stay confident while cycling on the road. Familiarize yourself with the usual guidelines, especially if you’re cycling on a highway or a major road. Additionally, come up with a good training plan. Work towards realistic goals by setting weekly or monthly targets. We wish you fun in your cycling adventure. Enjoy!

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