Issue 67 (Spring 2015)


Issue67_March.indd10 Reasons To Run A Race

Our Event Guide for 2015 is here! These pages are packed with every type of race you can imagine. We have traditional running and walking events, as well as trail races and multisport races, such as triathlons. We’ve also included adventure races and mud run events. So if you haven’t already signed up for a race this year, why should you? Here are my top 10 reasons to register for a race right now.

  1. Motivation. By signing up for a race, you’re making the commitment to be fit come race day. It may be the extra push you need to get out the door on a cold, dark morning. Some days you’re tired. Some days you just don’t feel up to it. But committing your money to an event can help hold you accountable to stay fit when you don’t feel like it.
  2. A new shirt. Nearly all races these days give you a shirt. And hey, who doesn’t need a new shirt? Plus, it can be fun to wear it and remind you of the fun you had on race day.
    Make friends. Running can be a lonely sport. That’s why it’s fun to run in races and see so many other people out there taking part too. You can make new friends and hang out with old ones at the race. It’s one of the few times that running can be social.
  3. Burn calories. Running in a race is great exercise. It’s a good cardio workout. It torches calories faster than most other forms of exercise. And you likely push yourself much harder in a race than you do when you run on your own.
  4. Sense of accomplishment. Racing teaches you to challenge yourself. It can help you push through barriers and rekindle your competitive spirit. Sometimes, you find out that you are stronger and fitter than you ever imagined.
  5. It’s fun. Gone are the days when only skinny, fast runners would line up at the start. Now, many races are huge festivals with music, vendors, great food, and runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. So come join the party!
  6. Track improvement. Your race times don’t lie. You can’t cheat. I find that running a race is the best way to see what kind of shape I’m really in. It can give my training structure and help me see if I’m on track or need to make changes to my daily routine.
  7. Confidence. Running in a race can help build your self esteem. You may not cross the finish line in first place, but you still feel like a winner when you finish. It can be a big rush to cross the finish line. That excitement can be addicting.
  8. Charity. Many races support a wide variety of wonderful causes. What better way to give back than to do something you love while helping those in need. Running for a great cause can give added motivation to your training.
  9. Swag. It’s not just about the shirt these days. Now, many races are giving medals to finishers. Or free photo downloads so you can share your accomplishment with all of your Facebook and Instrgram friends. Some offer goodie bags with free samples and coupons to local stores and restaurants. And some races are worth the entry fee just for the post-race food and beverages.

There are more events than ever in Colorado, so it’s easy to find one that fits your schedule and budget. You can also go online at to access the event listings and to find out more information about each race. As time goes on, some of these events will change their days or times, so double check their websites before you go. I hope you enjoy our event guide!

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