The Hydroshirt: A New Take on Hydration Gear for Runners Launches on Kickstarter


Founded by Jasmine Sanchez and Jalen Brown, Vessel Athletics is more than just a brand; it’s a movement dedicated to enhancing the running experience through innovative hydration solutions that cater to runners’ health, comfort, and performance.

Vessel Athletics is debuting its first iteration of functional performance wear, introducing the world of runners to a fresh take on hydration gear. The Hydroshirt is a lightweight shirt that integrates a 1L water bladder, designed to let runners carry water seamlessly while eliminating the inconvenience of weight and slosh.

Jasmine, an avid runner and the visionary behind Vessel Athletics struggled to find a viable solution to rehydrating during her long runs. The existing hydration products on the market fell short of her expectations because they were either too heavy or flimsy, making them cumbersome to use. This frustration sparked the creation of the Hydroshirt, leading her to push the barriers of hydration gear by merging it with running apparel. 

The Hydroshirt boasts several innovative features, including a 32 oz (1L) removable hydration bladder, a bite-valve straw for easy sipping, and sleeve pockets to carry your essentials. Unique to the Hydroshirt are the hidden magnet that secures the straw and an adjustable fastening system to stabilize the bladder and prevent sloshing—details that exemplify Vessel Athletics’ commitment to quality and functionality.

Working closely with multiple designers and incorporating feedback from seasoned runners, the Hydroshirt is the culmination of over five years of dedicated testing and refinement. Jalen, co-founder of Vessel Athletics, emphasizes the meticulous attention to detail that went into developing the Hydroshirt. “Working alongside several sportswear designers, we reimagined the running experience,” he says. “Our goal was to create a design that fully secures the water bladder from moving while retaining the lightweight feel of a traditional running shirt. The Hydroshirt is our solution, allowing runners to focus on performance, without neglecting their hydration needs.” 

Vessel Athletics invites you to support their Kickstarter campaign, currently live until June 6, 2024, to be among the first to secure a Hydroshirt from their exclusive, limited batch. Early bird pricing tiers start at $89 before retailing for $150. The Hydroshirt will be available for shipping to the US and most international countries. With production completed, backers can expect to receive their Hydroshirt as early as the end of June— just in time for the summer running season. 

Hydroshirt Features:

  • Adjustable straps to fully secure the water bladder from moving. 
  • Hidden magnet clip to anchor the straw for a smooth drink-and-go experience.
  • 1L lumbar-shaped hydration reservoir with a center baffle for even water distribution.
  • Removable insulated sleeve for the 1L bladder to help keep water cool.
  • Lightweight wicking fabric with perforations for increased breathability. 
  • Sleeve pockets to stash gels, keys, earphones and small personal items. 
  • Reflective strips throughout the shirt for added visibility and safety.

For more information on the Hydroshirt and to contribute to the Kickstarter, please visit the following Kickstarter Campaign Link.


For additional information please visit our website, or find us through our social pages: Instagram and Facebook

ABOUT VESSEL ATHLETICS: Founded in 2019, Vessel Athletics is a functional performance wear brand redefining how runners hydrate on-the-go with their first product, the Hydroshirt. The Hydroshirt is a lightweight performance shirt that integrates a 1L water bladder, designed to let runners carry water seamlessly while eliminating the inconvenience of weight and slosh. The Hydroshirt embodies our vision of functionality and comfort, making it the first of its kind to offer athletes a truly integrated hydration experience.

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