The Life Time Leadville Trail Series Kicks off Saturday with the Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half


The Life Time Leadville Race Series kicks off this Saturday with the Leadville Trail Marathon and Heavy Half, presented by LaSportiva. Check out the full schedule of events for this weekend, including the Expo that kicks off Friday at 2 p.m. If you’re coming up to Leadville, more race details can be found in the Athlete Guide.

Mosquito Pass

Mosquito Pass, which sits at 13,185 feet, is the highest point in the entire Leadville Race Series. The LRS crew has been shoveling snow on Mosquito Pass all week and with warm weather in the forecast until race day, we expect the Pass to be mostly clear to the top!

Giving Back to the Leadville Community

Did you know that all of the money that Leadville Race Series athletes raise stays in Leadville? Most recently, with funds raised from 2021 events, the Life Time Foundation, Life Time’s charitable arm, has made donations to support a few local Leadville projects. Earlier this year, they were able to donate close to $175,000 to support the construction of a new gym floor at the Lake County High School. Additionally, in partnership with the Cloud City Wheelers, the Life Time Foundation recently donated $7,500 to help support the development of new trails around Leadville.

TEAM Leadville: Running the Leadville Marathon to Raise Money for Veterans

In 2016, Tony Hofmann and his team of combat veterans and first responders, known as TEAM Leadville, linked up with Warriors’ Ascent, and together they dedicated a team to fight PTSD and suicide among veterans and first responders alike. Tony’s TEAM Leadville will be entering their 8th year of raising money for this important cause at the Life Time Leadville Trail Marathon and have raised $282,000 to-date for their efforts. Tony earned an appointment to WestPoint and has a 26-year military career as a retired Colonel. He’s written two books around his Leadville race experiences: Embracing Grit and Embracing Teamwork and Grit. His books contain tips for readers trying to conquer the Leadville Trail 100 Run or any other finish line.

For more info on the Leadville Race Series and the Leadville Trail Marathon, please click here.

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