What To Look For In A Foot-Specific Moisturizer

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Putting a foot moisturizer on your shopping list is easy. However, when you get to the skincare aisle at your local supermarket, the sheer number of foot care moisturizers on display can easily overwhelm you if you don’t know what brand to buy.

Not all foot moisturizers on display will yield the desired results or are safe to use. Therefore, you must exercise caution when choosing a product for your feet. But worry not, as this post highlights what you need to look for when choosing a foot moisturizer.

The Outlet

Counterfeits are everywhere, with the cosmetic industry being hit particularly hard. Fake cosmetic products pose very significant health risks to the user mainly because they don’t meet quality standards in their manufacture.

Sometimes it is hard for users to distinguish the authentic product from the fake, especially first-time users. The best way of avoiding buying counterfeit products is by buying your foot moisturizer and other makeup products from well-known establishments. Even better, you can choose to get your moisturizer online from websites with a reputation for selling authentic products.

Harmful Chemicals

Every product in the market must meet a certain standard regarding the chemicals used in their manufacture. Certain chemicals, while allowable, can have a significant negative effect on the user’s skin health.

Some chemicals you may want to avoid in a foot moisturizer include sulphates, parabens, phthalates, lead, mercury, etc. To establish if a product has any of the chemicals listed above or any other dangerous chemical, you have to read the list of ingredients on its package.

You may also want to do a quick internet search on all the ingredients to establish their safety. Alternatively, you may want to ask your dermatologists for guidance when buying a foot moisturizer, especially if you have a problem with allergies or have sensitive skin.

Price of the Product

When buying any skincare product, cheap can be very expensive. Unless you are very new to feet moisturizers, you may be aware of the range of prices for the feet care products in the market. Any big deviation on the lower side of the price should be a red flag.

Low-quality product manufacturers may not be keen on quality, thus allowing them to sell their products at a price too low off the average market value. Often most of the low-priced products displayed on shelves or online trading platforms turn out to be counterfeits or substandard.

Your Skin Type Matters Too

Different people have different skin types, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Some of the most common feet skin types include dry skin, itchy peeling skin, and hard skin. While all these skins need moisturizing, no single moisturizer can cater to them all.

It would help if you talked to a dermatologist or any other skincare specialist to know your skin type if you are unsure how to classify them. While you may be tempted to use a body moisturizer for your feet, the truth is it may not be as effective as one designed with the feet in mind.

Getting the Most Out of Your Feet Moisturizer

Once you are sure of the moisturizer best suited for your feet, the next step will be its application. If your feet have a special condition that needs a specific routine, your dermatologist may recommend one for you. If not, apply the moisturizer after a bath when your feet are damp and tap your skin with your palms until the wet moisturizer isn’t visible on your feet. Also, if the moisturizer has a tint, ensure that you go for a color that is closest to your complexion as possible.

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