Gear Review: CEP compression socks


CEP compression products help you move better by improving circulation and oxygen flow to your muscles and tissues. The company has been around for decades and is the go to source for compression gear. They have one of the most extensive product lines around, tailored specifically for activities from running to triathlon to golf or general exercise.

CEP Compression socks come in several different designs and various heights, depending on your preference.

We tested both the tall socks and the no show socks. Below is our evaluation of each.

Tall Socks

Here is what CEP says about the tall socks:

  • Smart Dry Extreme Air Technology adapts to weather conditions so that you stay cool and dry in warmer weather, but warm and comfortable in cooler weather
  • HEIQ clima-management cools the skin
  • Targeted compression in the arch and ankle for confident strides
  • Recovery begins during activity thanks to accelerated removal of lactic acid
  • Open structure design and innovative air channels through the calf and footbed improves ventilation for optimal breathability
  • Relieves pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and Achilles’ tendon
  • Treated with silver to reduce unpleasant odors and eliminate bacteria
  • Blister-free guaranteed

With all of that being said, the biggest thing we noticed with the socks was the glove like feel. Some compression socks are almost too tight, but these are the perfect balance. We didn’t even notice them after a few minutes.

Most people do wonder about the recovery benefits of these socks. For that, I am not sure. I will say that I took them through their paces and they felt great. Did they provide a performance benefit? For me, I would say yes. I am prone to calf issues, so having a slight compression on my calves gave me the confidence to push harder in workouts without the fear of pulling something. Would they be beneficial to you? That would be a personal decision for your to consider.

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No Show Socks

Here is what CEP says about the no show socks:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet cool
  • Anatomical design and heel tab for no-slip fit
  • Innovative air channels in the footbed and ventilation zones in the toe for optimal breathability and ultimate comfort
  • Treated with silver to reduce unpleasant odors and eliminate bacteria
  • Blister-free guaranteed
  • Shock absorption from perfectly positioned anatomical padding in the foot

These socks definitely feel different than the knee high sock. These are more like your normal, every day running socks. With one exception – the slight compression in the arch.

If you are prone to plantar fasciitis, this might be the sock for you. Just the little extra support in the arch might be the difference between smooth running and injury. If you have never had arch issues in the past, then maybe the slight compression here will feel uncomfortable. Again, that is just a personal preference.

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For both of these socks, as with a new pair of shoes, I would suggest going to your local specialty running store to try them on to see if they are for you.

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