Try the Firefly Portable Recovery Device


Many popular marathons take place this spring and Firefly Recovery is the must-have tool for those running enthusiasts. Beloved by pro distance runners like Molly Seidel & Galen Rupp, this portable recovery tool increases blood flow and reduces soreness, allowing athletes to train harder to achieve their goals. Learn more at:

How it works:  You wear two Firefly straps right below your knees after a workout. Small electrical pulses stimulate your peroneal nerve to increase blood circulation by 400% throughout the entire body. Increased blood flow means your muscles get more oxygen and nutrients. This helps your body to recover from exercise faster and reduces soreness, reducing recovery time from 72 hours to 1 day.

Used by Olympians, weekend warriors, and professional athletes, Firefly is a revolutionary new way to recover from workouts 3x faster by increasing full-body blood flow.

Unlike traditional recovery devices, Firefly doesn’t tie you down with wires and bulky equipment. It’s designed to fit into your active lifestyle.


– Starter Pack contains 2 pairs (4 total Fireflys) and 1 pair of knee straps for $95

– Each Firefly device delivers 30 hours of recovery treatment (suggested recovery time of 1-4 hours based on training intensity).

– Most users prefer to use Firefly with knee straps. The knee straps help to keep firefly in the optimal position for maximum benefit.

– The battery is not replaceable / rechargeable after 30 hours of use.

Buy it at:

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