Pikes Peak Ascent Joins Golden World Trail Series

The Golden Trail World Series now moves to 2023 with a new schedule and final in Italy after an exciting 2022 season that ended in a spectacular final in Madeira, with the wins of Rémi Bonnet (Team Salomon / Red Bull, Switzerland) and Nienke Brinkman (Team Nike Trail, Netherlands).
For its 2023 edition, the Golden Trail World Series returns to the trails that made it a success and the runners enjoyed. In addition to the three essential classics—Zegama, Marathon du Mont-Blanc, Sierre-Zinal—there will also be two other GTWS races this year: the Dolomyths Run in Italy and the Pikes Peak Ascent in the United States. There will only be one new event this 2023 season: Mammoth 26K – the Mammoth Trail Fest – in California. “Through this program, we offer runners the opportunity to participate in iconic races and a true trail running celebration every weekend, said Grégory Vollet, Director of the Golden Trail Series. These highly anticipated events have a spirit of their own. Take the Dolomyths Run, for example; in addition to its trail through the Dolomites and the beautiful scenery it covers, the race will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year, which promises an even more exceptional experience!”
A final in ItalyIn 2023, the Liguria region of Italy was chosen to host the Golden Trail World Series Grand Final. The event—Il Golfo dell’Isola Trail Race—will consist of a prologue and a run of approximately 25 km with 1,200 m D+. The women’s prologue will be on the Thursday and the men’s on the Friday, and the women’s race is on the Saturday, while the men’s is on the Sunday. All races are open to everyone and will feature both OPEN and ELITES ranking, as well as a team ranking of the best Golden Trail National Series. “We chose this option to offer the same media exposure to both the women’s and men’s categories,” says Grégory Vollet. “This way, we will be able to follow the battles at the head of the race from start to finish, for both men and women. We are confident that the athletes will support their opponents if they’re not running, which also gives you more of a show from the sidelines!”
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