Four Reasons to Take Up a New Sport Right Now


Taking up an extreme sport – or any sport at all – is a popular item on New Year’s Resolution lists. But as with most resolutions, it never happens. Many of us don’t feel too active on January 1st, and the old excuse of “I’ll do it tomorrow” never happens. But the best time to act is now.

Here are 4 reasons to stop what you’re doing and seek out sports groups or centers near you.

1. There’s Great Support for Beginners

For some in high school, PE can be the perfect escape from daily worries and a way of finding community. For others, it can be a pretty miserable experience. That’s what happens when you’ve got no support.

We might not realize it, but a lot of us carry a lingering mistrust or even resentment for school activities like volleyball or football because of this. If you didn’t enjoy it then, why would you now?

Answer: we’re not in high school anymore. You’ll be surrounded by people who support you for getting into an activity that you and they both love just because it’s fun. You can discover everything to do with volleyball and enjoy yourself while doing it because sports aren’t a popularity contest when you’re an adult.

Pick what sounds like fun, join a local club, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you learn when surrounded by a supportive team and coaches.

2. It’s a Way More Enjoyable Way to Keep in Shape Than Dieting

Let’s start by pointing out that a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of any lifestyle. However, there’s not much joy in counting calories and choosing fat-free options because someone told you life isn’t meant to taste good. Joyhelps you live longer! A good diet is only part of what keeps you healthy and in great physical shape.

Exercise is so much more fun than persuading yourself that a little salt doesn’t make things taste better. Activities like rock climbing, BMXing, or sea swimming will get your body in superb shape with room to spare for a full week of satisfying, healthy meals.

You’re allowed to enjoy your food not just once per week as a “cheat” meal, but every time you eat. You’ll enjoy it so much more when you’ve spent the afternoon working up a hunger with vigorous exercise.

3. You’ll Make New Friends

Finding new friends can be difficult when you’re an adult. Niche interest groups are a great choice, but then we look at ourselves and think: “What are my interests? What if they’re not sociable interests?”

The answer is to find a new interest! Becoming part of a community, whether it’s cycling, snowboarding, or airsoft, is a guaranteed way to build lasting friendships. Taking up new activities at any age can be as good for your social life as it is for your body.

4. You’ll Challenge Your Limits

Change your definition of “I can’t”. Getting into extreme sports will take you further than you ever thought you could go, whether through the support of your team or a brutal conversation with your muscles about who’s in charge.

It’s incredibly satisfying to overcome that boundary – ask any marathon runner. It can also help you in many areas of life. Ask the question you never thought you’d dare to ask. Go for the promotion you never imagined you could get. Sports can help you discover a new, more confident side of yourself.

Final Thoughts – Now’s the Time

Don’t wait until the next January 1st to think about it. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Discover sports clubs, teams, and groups near you and find your new passion right now.

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