Can athletes use CBD cream to treat sunburns?


Hey, champs! You might be working hard. It might be getting stressful jumping from practice to training. In such a case, taking care of your skin can be a tough job. But, one cannot ignore it. Isn’t it?

So what do we do? We all know how soft UV rays are for the skin. Though the sun is the largest source of vitamin D, constant exposure to the sun can lead to sunburns. It gets harsh and rough if not taken care of early. And, it is the most common problem faced by almost all athletes.

So, how to deal with it? There are many ways to treat sunburn. You can check for CBD hemp cream online. Or, stay with us. We are going to talk about CBD cream’s performance against sunburn. Like is CBD cream a solution to it? To what extent can one rely on CBD hemp cream? Can it also be used to protect from harmful UV rays? And much more.

CBD hemp cream as sunscreen

You will be surprised to know that cannabidiol can protect the body from UV rays. How? Well, the drug forms a natural SPF on the skin. It blocks the absorption of sun rays. Along with this, it provides a cooling effect to the skin. However, more studies are required to establish it as a natural sunblock.

CBD sunblocks are sunscreens plus CBD hemp isolates or a broad spectrum. Now which among them is better? CBD isolates or broad-spectrum? The ratio of companies using isolates and broad-spectrum CBD is almost 1:1. The possible reason is the lack of studies.    

Along with it, no complications have yet come against any of them. But using broad-spectrum, as it contains THC, might test you positively for a drug test. And this risk is firmly ruled out in the case of cannabidiol isolates.

Types of sunscreen

Do you know that there are different types of sunscreen? As per dermatologist Saira George at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, there are two kinds of sunscreen.

Let us learn about them to be able to make better decisions.

  • Physical sunscreen: Some also refer to it as physical blockers. They contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide in it. These chemicals form a layer on the skin and reflect sun rays. In simple words, they act as a mirror or shield for the skin.
  • Chemical sunscreen: These are also called chemical absorbers. They are organic as they contain carbon in them. They form a layer on the skin and absorb UV rays. They are eventually blocking it from reaching the epidermis.

Now, you may be thinking which one is better?

Both the sunscreens are equally promising. Chemical sunscreens are clear and easy to apply. But chemical sunblocks can irritate. Physical sunblocks are devoid of irritation but have a greasy texture.

So, if your skin is subtle, then physical sunscreen can be a better option. And, if your skin is oily, then your chemical sunscreens are the right fit for you.

Is CBD hemp cream a fair choice to treat sunburn?

Before answering the question, let’s understand what causes sunburn. Well, sunburns result from an inborn reaction due to excess exposure to UV rays. It damages the upper layer of our skin. And, in extreme conditions, it damages the skin dermis and causes blisters. UV rays can also cause skin cancer. So, it becomes a matter of grave concern.

For athletes, it is next to impossible to escape from the sun. Hence, using a sunblock system becomes essential. How beneficial is CBD hemp cream for their skin? Cannabidiol alone can be less advantageous to the skin, but mixing it with potential anti-UVs can make the job easier. And, when we state this, we mean using it along with aloe vera, organic lavender oil, or Vitamin C. A mix of these can work wonders for your skin. Try DIY CBD sunscreen or get a CBD hemp cream online.

Top products to be considered

The market is full of skincare products. And it can get complicated to choose the appropriate one. So, we have handpicked the best for you. These products are rated the best by the users.

Check them out:

  • Cancun CBD infused sunscreen
  • Videos All-natural CBD sunscreen
  • Spyder SPF 50 CBD sunscreen
  • Black pearl CBD sunscreen
  • Provan CBD sunscreen

You can get these CBD hemp creams online and from offline stores.

Additional benefits of using CBD hemp cream

Many researchers have tested CBD on the skin. The most promising result was its healing effect. Yes! This herb has a healing effect. It can recreate skin cells to replace the damaged ones.

It is the leading study that made people think of CBD as sunscreens. Not only this but, this herb offers several other benefits; let us take a look:

  • Slows skin aging
  • Act as a natural moisturizer
  • Antioxidant effect to enhance healing
  • Anti-inflammatory effect of regaling inflammation
  • Treats acne
  • Anti-carcinogenic

CBD offers all these benefits to the skin. But it is not all this herb has a lot more to offer. Click here to learn about the benefits of CBD.

CBD sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen

My usual sunscreen is excellent. Why should I replace it with CBD sunscreen? If this is your question then, here is the answer to it. No doubt, sunscreens in the market are incredibly potent. But even then, CBD-based sunscreens can be a better choice.

Let us understand how. When applying CBD cream to your skin, you are using two things simultaneously. Sunscreen forms a protective layer and acts as SPF. That is all that a typical sunscreen does. But a CBD sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays. It also treats your skin internally. It acts on the skin to treat inflammation. It recreates damaged skin cells. Along with it, it treats skin discomfort and irritation. That means around skin treatment.

Final words

The market is full of a wide range of products for treating sunburn. But picking up the appropriate set of products is essential. CBD hemp cream can emerge as that right set for you. Buy it for yourself or get it for your friend and stay hydrated! Do whatever but take care of yourself. You can also use cbd for acne.

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