Beginner Running Mistakes That You Need Avoid


Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or you want a way to escape, there’s no time like the present to start running! Running may look simple and easy to get into, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Whoever you are, running is for everyone and anyone can learn how to run! Before you lace up your shoes and fall in love with running, there are a few things you need to know. Avoid these common beginner mistakes to start off on the right foot and become a running pro in no time!

Having the wrong pair of shoes

The number one tip for anyone looking to get into running or jogging is to get the right shoe! If you’re new to running, this is the best advice you’ll ever hear! Although you don’t need designer sneakers to run, you do need a good, comfortable pair of shoes that can support you. Good running shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, and durable but no shoe lasts forever! Keep that in mind and make sure to replace them once they’re worn out. Running shoes can be expensive, but you can find affordable options out there to protect your feet and keep you looking good! 

Ignoring proper form

Running is more than pounding your feet into the pavement, it’s an art form that requires skill and the proper form to master. The easiest way to get an injury while running is not to trip and fall, but to use the wrong form! This means no skimping on the pre-run or post-run stretches, cooldowns, and warmups! It also means that you need to be fueling your body with the right food pre-run that gives you enough energy without the cramps. Make sure that you’re putting emphasis on and tightening the right muscles while you run to maintain the proper form. 

Only running for exercise

Another common mistake that many people make is thinking that running will solve all their fitness problems. Running is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay fit, but if you want to get good at it, or build your strength, you need to do more. Start with the proper warmups and cooldowns before and after each run to prepare your body. If you’re training for long-distance running, you need to build up your body’s strength and endurance with other activities. Crossfit, bodyweight workouts, or yoga pair excellently with running, so don’t be afraid to branch out!

Overworking yourself

Last but not least, don’t forget to be patient with yourself and to enjoy the journey! Running is a lot harder than it looks and even the greatest started off small! If you’re just starting out, remember to take baby steps and enjoy the process of getting better. Try to push yourself and stay motivated without overworking yourself. Use playlists, the right mindset, and achievable goals, to do so! If you’re injured, take the day off, the track is not going anywhere! Don’t neglect your body and remember to take rest days and to have fun with it!

So there you have it! By following these simple tips and tricks, you can avoid the most common beginner mistakes and start running on the right track! Find the right pair of running shoes to keep your feet and legs protected and comfortable. Make sure to do your warmups and cooldowns and to work on your form. Remember to diversify your workout with some strengthening exercises and don’t forget to be patient with yourself! Good luck and happy running!

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