Top 4 Health Benefits of Using An Air Bike for A Cardio Workout


A fitness enthusiast is well-aware of a wide variety of exercise bikes available at the gym that offer incredible workouts. Among a myriad of exercise bikes, you would find air bikes appear unique than others. Air bikes, unlike other bikes, use wind resistance to add resistance through a large fan that comes installed within them. 

People unable to perform cardio workouts due to an injury on a treadmill or an elliptical will find air bikes the perfect alternative for them. It is a low-impact machine that offers you a full-body workout, engaging all your muscles. 

This article aims to familiarize you with this incredible gym equipment that offers you several health benefits. The list of benefits below will compel you to add an air bike to your regular workout routine. So, let’s take a look at them.

How Does An Air Bike Work?

Do you know what is special about air bikes? They come with a built-in fan that produces wind resistance, hence the name ‘air bike’. As you pedal harder, you will find yourself pushing against higher resistance. 

As a result, your back, legs, arms, abs, and oblique will get a rigorous workout as you increase your level of resistance. It provides you interval training like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), strengthening your muscles without exerting extra pressure on the joints. 

Further, these bikes are slightly different than other exercise bikes that you usually see at gyms. They have handles that move along pedaling, ensuring a whole body workout. 

Make sure you hold the handles firmly since you will require much force to push and pull them as you start pedaling. To generate more speed, pull the bike handles faster. 

It is excellent equipment for a cardio workout that helps you burn calories faster. All you have to do is fasten your feet in the bike’s paddle and begin cycling!

Top Benefits Of Using An Air Bike For Cardio

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Many studies found that people who regularly cycled experienced 15% fewer heart attacks than those who never got on a bike. If you want an effective cardiovascular workout, riding an air bike is the best option for you. 

Even if you get on the bike for 30 minutes every week, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Pushing yourself against resistance will let you work different muscle groups and improve your cardiovascular health. 

However, make sure to keep the resistance to a level your body can endure. Highly intense workouts may tire your body fast, reducing the efficiency of your workout sessions.

Better Mental Fitness

Working out on an air bike not only enhances physical fitness but also helps in improving your mental fitness. Recent research found out that if cycling improves only 5% of your cardio-respiratory health, it enhances 15% of your mental health as well. 

It means that with a regular workout on an air bike, you can overcome mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety and uplift your mood. 

Also, cycling helps in developing new brain cells in your hippocampus- a part of your brain responsible for memory. Regular cycling on an air bike will reduce the risk of memory decline as you age.

With a positive mindset, you would feel more focused and productive at work. Performing bike exercise regulates your blood flow throughout your body, allowing the maximum amount of oxygen to reach the brain. Subsequently, a cardio workout on an air bike helps improve your overall well being. 

Helps In Weight Loss

You must consider cycling on an air bike if you want to burn calories and get in shape in less time. It works different muscle groups of your body, allowing you to achieve your desired weight. 

It can burn 1.5 times more calories than a stationary bike, making it ideal for anyone who wants to reduce weight faster. However, your stamina and the intensity of your workout also play a crucial role in how fast you achieve your weight goals.

Provides An Effective Lower Body Workout

Riding an air bike on a higher resistance strengthens your lower body significantly. Pedaling helps build your hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, back, and glutes tougher. The bike’s moving handles help in working your upper body muscles, such as biceps, shoulders, and triceps. 

Also, it is ideal for people experiencing joint problems. The low-impact machine will help you reduce joint pains and make your muscles and bones stronger. As you pedal regularly, you will notice an improvement in your joint motion. 

Bottom Line

With all these benefits, who would want to miss out on this excellent cardio workout machine? An air bike can fulfill all your fitness goals ranging from strengthening upper or lower body muscles to burning calories. All you have to do is get on the bike and start pedaling to gain maximum health benefits!

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