A Manitou Incline ‘Dino FKT’



With a rise of nearly 2,011 feet in less than a mile, Colorado’s Manitou Incline is one of the hardest and steepest running trails in the country. It has an average grade of 24 degrees and is as steep as 34 degrees at a few places. That’s crazy steep!

In other words, it’s a hard route—as in, leg-burning, head-spinning hard. And that’s especially true if you run it in an inflatable dinosaur costume.

That’s what Tayte Pollman did on April 18. In a bit of near spontaneous shenanigans with stalwart trail running pals Ryan Phebus, Deanna Ardrey and Alli McLaughlin (aka, Allie Mac), Pollman was visiting Colorado Springs and decided to bust out his dino costume out for the gnarly jaunt up the Incline. 

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