Four Things You Can Do To Sharpen Your Focus


Generally speaking, the focus is the ability to collect and direct your attention. Those who have an excellent focus are typically very successful. This typically applies to academic accomplishment, different work results, athletic performance, skill acquisition, and many other things.

Now, it seems like these days it’s pretty hard to have a good focus. Many studies have shown that an average individual has attention that normally lasts about eight seconds. This is not good news. Even a goldfish has a longer attention span.

People should work on enhancing it because when they do, they become much more productive and manage to do every single task for a particular day. If you’re dealing with this issue and you’re not sure how can you improve it, here are some tips that are very helpful!

Smart Ways To Strengthen Your Focus

Perceive Your Mind As A Muscle

It would be extremely recommendable to think of your mind as a muscle. People always think that they should only work on strengthening their bodies, however, the parallel between strengthening your mind and body is in fact really close.

Bear in mind that your focus muscles do not have endless strength and in time, if not used properly and are not as active as they are supposed to be, they can lose their power and atrophy.

Furthermore, you get practically the same feeling before you start working out as you do before reading a long post or an article. You almost instantly think that you are not sure whether you want to do it or not.

That’s why you have to always work on strengthening your focus and practically “dig deeper” because only then you’ll be able to see how much strength your mind has and simply realize that just like everything else, your mind requires a lot of work too!

The Benefits Of Nootropic 

Up until recently, a lot of people didn’t even know what “smart” drugs represent. In the meantime, they’ve gathered some information and realized that they can help them boost their brain health.

So what are they? Mental health experts define them as supplements that improve cognitive function in healthy individuals, as well as memory and creativity. A psychologist from Romania defined this term “smart pills” back in 1972 and his criteria for these tablets included these features:

  1. Enhance the ability to remember and learn new info
  2. Provides your brain with the necessary support
  3. Protects your brain cells
  4. Improves attention and focus
  5. Relieves cell-to-cell communication and processing
  6. Safe to use, without any side effects, or minimum

Implement These Strategies Too!

Do One Thing At A Time

A Hindu priest, former monk, and speaker called Dandapani, who is helping people lead a successful life recently talked about focus and how others can develop a sturdy one. Namely, he stated that many of us have difficulty concentrating because we either do not practice concentration enough or and because we were never taught how to do it.

So, how can you do it then? One of the best ways to stay focused is to do one thing at a time during the day. There are a number of examples that are going to help you understand this suggestion better.

  • When you are talking to somebody, pay attention to only that person, not anything/anybody else.
  • When you are working on a certain report for your job, keep your awareness only on it.
  • When you are strolling down the street, that’s should be your only focus
  • When you are eating, pay attention to the texture and taste of the things you are currently consuming.

Live In The Moment

It is difficult to stay focused if you are constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the things that are going to happen next. Although it’s easier said than done, there is no point in doing both of these things.

Therefore, you have to work on “being present” as much as you can. Do everything that’s in your power to put away all distractions, both psychological (such as anxiety) or physical (computer, mobile phone, TV, etc).

The point is to be completely engaged in what is currently going on. If you manage to stay engaged all the time, you are going to successfully sharpen your attention and focus which is extremely important.

Everybody aspires to be the best they can and to continuously work on enhancing their performance. And that cannot happen without focus. As you can see, it’s not that hard to achieve it, however, just like with everything else, it takes some time and practice and eventually you succeed.

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