Six healthy breakfasts for weight loss


We hear it on the news everyday…breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet so many people skip breakfast, or if they do eat it, pick wrong. But breakfast doesn’t have to mean boring and tasteless! There are many delicious breakfast dishes out there that will kick-start your metabolism and your day like never before! So check out our list of six healthy breakfasts for weight loss now.

What Are The Benefits of Eating Breakfast?

At the point when you wake up in the morning, you might not have taken in anything for as long as 10 hours. Breakfast renews the stores of energy and supplements in your body. Some benefits are:

  • Essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help start your day.
  • The energy required to power through the day.
  • Breakfast helps you control your weight.
  • A healthy breakfast may minimize the risk of illness.
  • Breakfast boosts brainpower.
  • Breakfast aids you to make better food choices.

A healthy breakfast can do even more to ensure you are healthy. Some of the breakfast healthy options are:


Oatmeal is a great start to the day for many reasons. It’s extremely low in calories and carbohydrates, which makes it a great breakfast choice for those on a weight loss diet. The amount of fiber in oatmeal can keep you full until lunchtime, while also promoting heart health. Oatmeal also contains nutrients important for fighting high cholesterol, including oats antioxidants and soluble fiber.

French toast and muskmelon salad

French toast is a breakfast staple in many households. Sumptuous, comforting, and generally easy to whip up, there is very little that can beat this quintessential breakfast. Whether you prefer your French toast all spiced up with some nutmeg, served with powdered sugar, or dusted with cinnamon and sugar, French toast is an inexpensive and filling meal that’s always a hit. However, when you’re on a strict diet like a weight loss diet plan, you need to make sure that your meals are good for the body as well as satisfying the palate.

Fruit Smoothie

A fruit smoothie is rich in vitamins and a great way to start your day. The best part about this is it only takes five minutes. Any fruit can be used such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, or bananas. Just add some fresh or frozen fruit to a blender along with your preferred amount of frozen yogurt. If you need inspiration on what to go with your fresh smoothie, you can find a website dedicated to such information.  Mix one of these healthy fruit smoothie recipes with skimmed milk or water and plenty of ice for a refreshing breakfast that will kick start your metabolism.

Spinach Pancakes

Spinach pancakes are a power-packed nutritious breakfast for weight loss. They are a great way of getting lots of nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein all into your system in one meal. And if that wasn’t enough, you will also be giving your body a natural vitamin boost! Even better is the fact that you won’t have to put up with them tasting like green eggs and ham, because these spinach pancakes taste just like your regular pancakes. This recipe makes four servings which means you can prepare a batch for the next few mornings.

Mixed Sprouts

In the morning, the ideal breakfast is something that is quick and high in protein. What could be better than low-carb buckwheat crepes and mixed sprouts? Mixed sprouts are a good source of protein that will help you feel fuller for longer. They’re also a great option if you’re trying to get more essential amino acids into your diet. Your best bet is to get good quality sprouted beans and nuts, as these will be easier to digest than ones that have been left to sprout in water for too long.

Quinoa Pancakes

These gluten-free and low-carb quinoa pancakes are a great substitute for the flour variety. Not only do they allow you to consume whole grains, but the quinoa protein helps keep you feeling full and satisfied so you can resist snacking on less healthy foods. Quinoa is also full of many important vitamins and minerals that make it a very healthy food.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the first step to getting in shape is eating right. Many people tend to skip meals when they are on a diet. That’s a very bad idea – you should follow a healthy eating plan, and that involves having breakfast. Eating breakfast is the best way to get your metabolism running and burn fat.

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