Boulder Peak Makers Running Club


About the Club:

Everyone can boost their running performance by checking out Boulder Peak Makers Running Club, a perfect fit for all levels of runners and a casual – non-competitive group that likes to run, achieve fitness goals, socialize, and have fun. The group meets every week for fresh new workouts on the roads, tracks and trails around Boulder County.

Before joining the club all of our current members would agree that sticking to a regular running routine was hard enough. And that was before factoring in their individual shortcomings in form and technique.

Not only does The Peak Makers Running Club offer the support of great teamwork with friends, Art Ives and the rest of the coaching staff teach everyone to run with ease and grace at every workout.

Our runners have the best form in Boulder!

If you currently find yourself, stuck on a plateau or have simply fallen behind on meeting your fitness goals, Art welcomes you, including beginners,  to try his running activities whether your goals are for fitness, performance or just plain fun!

About the Coach:

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For over 30 years running, Art Ives of Boulder, Colorado has competed and coached runners successfully at every running distance from 100 meters to 100 miles. His love for running is as infectious as his legs are versatile. The way he works with clients is comprehensive and creates lasting positive changes in their biomechanics, physical capability and mental attitude.

Art’s work synthesizes running science, training theory and practical experience by delving into the global history, philosophy and spirituality of running. He is at his best when putting those lessons directly into practice and his advice can make an otherwise complicated analysis so understandable it boosts a runner’s confidence off the chain!

As distinct from other coaches, Art looks at everything involved with successful distance running with a wide lens extending to your form, the way you approach your training and the kind of guidance that helps you create a healthy lifestyle to support your running. This perspective combined with his love for under taking great physical challenges helps people take a giant step toward achieving the results they really want and connects them with other people who share a love for both nature and sport.

Contact us:

[email protected]

314 Broadway Ste. 314, Boulder 80302 – 303 868-6640

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