New running book hits the shelves


A new running book has hit the shelves from former collegiate athlete and author Geoffrey Simpson. The Slummer, Quarters til Death, is Simpson’s first novel about the sport he participated in at Kent State University in the late 1990’s.

Set in a futuristic world in Cleveland, Ohio, the story follows a poverty stricken athlete named Ben who has immense talent, but is not able to compete with his genetically enhanced peers due to his societal level. It is an epic fictional story of a young man that comes from nothing to prove he is something, especially in a society run by the wealthy.

In 2083, Benjamin Brandt is among the millions of “slummers” who are relegated to poverty and struggle on the outskirts of society. As a minority growing up in the gritty underbelly of Cleveland’s Industrial Valley, Ben sees the way genetically designed “elites” live only from a distance: from the shadows of public spaces people like him are forbidden to use, and on TV, where he watches the enhanced athletes compete at an extraordinary level. For years, a national track championship has inspired Ben to ferociously cultivate his own talent as a runner.

As Ben logs miles through the potholed, darkened streets of his community, an idea takes hold of him that could turn his highly stratified society upside down. He isn’t prepared to lead a revolution; however, he is prepared to run like a slummer with nothing to lose.

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