Update: Now Reopened: Deer Creek Canyon Park closed due to aggressive mountain lion


Deer Creek Canyon Park is closed indefinitely because of reports of “aggressive mountain lion behavior,” according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). The park is part of Jefferson County Open Space and is located west of C-470 in the far southwest portion of the metro area. No one has been injured.

According to CPW spokesperson Jason Clay, the situation is being investigated alongside JeffCo Open Space officials.

“We made the call to err on the side of safety to close the park down and get our wildlife officers in here to comb over the area to see what they are seeing,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Jason Clay said.  

Clay says mountain lions are spotted all the time, but they typically run away from people.

There is currently no estimated time for the park reopening.

According to park rangers, here’s what to do in a mountain lion encounter: Be aware of your surroundings, make noise, look as big as you can, and don’t run or turn your back on the animal.

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