Join the Continental Divide Trail Virtual Challenge


Virtually travel along the Continental Divide Scenic Trail (CDT), a trail that starts at the Canadian border in Montana and finishes at the Mexican border in New Mexico. Set a goal to run, walk, bike, and more along a part of the Continental Divide Scenic Trail. Maybe your goal is to complete 100 miles. Perhaps you want to run the entire length of the trail through Idaho, for 282 miles. Or you can create a team and complete the entire distance!

Extending nearly 2,890 miles from Canada to Mexico, the CDT is a living museum of the American West, a place to reconnect with nature, and a unifying force bringing people of all walks of life together. You can take as long as you want to complete your personal mileage goal, starting anytime. Do it solo or with a team. This challenge should provide you with a test of your fitness and a chance to increase your training no matter how many miles you exercise weekly.

Want to shoot for a single state or maybe two? Here are the CDT miles covered in each state. Remember, the goal is to be fit!

Idaho = 282 Miles
Wyoming = 511 Miles
Montana = 621 Miles
Colorado = 706 Miles
New Mexico = 770 Miles

How it Works

Most importantly, have fun! You can use any form of non-motorized transport (running, walking, biking, swimming, SUP, Kayak, elliptical) anywhere you want, whenever you want. Go outside or on a treadmill or trainer. Average 3 miles a day or 10 miles a day – there are no set requirements. Count all of your miles during the day on your Fitbit, track your intentional miles on your Garmin, use a notepad or Strava or Runkeeper – it’s up to you! You can submit your miles through our online tracker, but it is not required. It’s on the honor system. We trust you.

What you get and What it costs

For $60, you will receive a custom technical trucker hat from BOCO Gear (a local Colorado company), a custom medal that doubles as a belt buckle, and a neck gaiter.. Check out the designs in the photos. For an additional $25, you can add on a super soft long sleeve hooded t-shirt. Shipping is included in the price. We will begin shipping items in late September to early October.


All entrants will receive a CDT technical trucker hat from BOCO Gear, a medal that doubles as a belt buckle and a CDT neck gaiter. You can also purchase a hooded long sleeve t-shirt as an add on for $25.TRUCKER HAT

All participants will get this custom Boco Gear technical trucker hat.Image

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