Kickstart Fall with the Breck Crest Half Marathon and 10K


The 2020 Breck Crest will be a hybrid, Strava-based half marathon and 10K on September 5 and 6, 2020. There is no 23 Mile Trail Marathon this year. The Ten Mile Range is the backdrop for this breathtaking trail race, offering up some of Colorado’s best views. The courses will be marked and ready for racing on Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6. Racers will be able to run their course anytime during this two-day period. It’s a perfect way to kick start Fall in the Rocky Mountains!

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Here is a race update from the race director, Jeff Westcott:

We have made the difficult decision to alter the format of this year’s Breck Crest. We waited as long as we could to see if the event could be held “normally”. Together with our partners in the Breckenridge community, we have decided to host the event in a MODIFIED FORMAT.

We are taking the lead from our very capable Public Health officials here in Summit County. We are limited to a max gathering size of 10. We are allowed to implement staggered starts. However, we are required to hold for several minutes between waves. That option did not move the needle enough toward a “regular event”. So, we are giving you the choice to head out at a time that works for your schedule over a two day period.

The format is not really virtual. It’s “V-Actual” or hybrid, if you prefer.
You’ll be running on a marked course in a set window of time. If you have friends in the event you could organize a small group and head out together. For every person that has expressed disappointment about the format, I’ve heard from at least one other appreciating the opportunity. 
We’ve been successfully conducting events under this format all summer.
I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads wondering why Summit County is so restrictive. Summit County public health officials have been conservative since the shutdown. In fact, Summit County Guidelines have been more restrictive than state levels in some cases. We’re a busy place and the guidelines are there to protect all of us.

There is a mask ordinance in the downtown core of Breckenridge. You will NOT be required to run with a mask on. That said, we recommend you have one with you at all times in the event that physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

The 2020 Breck Crest will be a Strava-based HALF MARATHON and 10K only; no 23 Mile Trail Marathon this year.
The courses will be marked and ready for racing on Saturday September 5 and Sunday September 6.
Racers will be able to run their course anytime during this two-day period.
Again, to be clear, the courses WILL be marked.
There will NOT be any aid stations on course. All racers will need to self-support.

We will be using Strava for results tracking. 
All racers who wish to appear in the results must have a device capable of uploading their activity to Strava. This can be as simple as using Strava’s smart phone app. Many runners prefer a watch that can be synced to Strava and uploaded upon conclusion.

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