Beer Hiking Colorado Pairs 50 Craft Breweries with 50 Amazing Hikes Throughout Colorado


Beer Hiking Colorado is the best way for outdoor enthusiasts and craft beer lovers to discover Colorado. In this colorful, info-packed guidebook to the best ales and trails the state has to offer, author Yitka Winn has carefully selected 50 trails from all over the beautiful state of Colorado and has paired them with 50 nearby craft breweries. Ideal for hikers, trail runners, or mountain bikers, Beer Hiking Colorado is an engaging and inspiring resource to help locals and tourists find new trails for their adventures and unique breweries for post-trail enjoyment. Beer Hiking Colorado is available now in bookstores and online. For a preview, visit velopress.com/beerhiking.

The 50 trails featured in Beer Hiking Colorado range in difficulty from easy, urban walks to more challenging mountain trails, but all the beers are guaranteed easy to quaff! With detailed descriptions of trail locations and routes, skill level, elevation, and duration, there is a trail for everyone. Each of the 50 breweries has interesting brewery information and directions from the trailhead—and featured beers include fla