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imageedit_2_2185305982Human Potential Running Series to offer year round grass roots, low frills, ultra opportunities that celebrates all runners as equals. 

Human Potential LLC, an event management company owned by ultra runner “Sherpa” John Lacroix, announces Colorado’s newest ultra and trail running series. The series kicks off with 2 races during the fall of 2014 and expands with 3 additional offerings during the summer of 2015. The series promises relief from exorbitant entry fees, a reprieve from celebration of the front-runners, and a return to community as the main focus of ultra events.

Ultra: The History The world’s history of ultra running stretches as far back as the 1500s AD. The history of American Ultra Running stretches far back into the 1800s. The more commonly known tales of Ultra circle around modern pioneers Gordy Ainsleigh, Ted Corbitt, and “Bad Water Ben.” Over the last decade ultra has surged in popularity. From a once meager 80 one-hundred mile distance events in North America to now over 130, there is no denying that ultra is the new running boom and it’s here to stay.

Sherpa John & Human Potential: Some Background Sherpa John started running ultramarathons in 2005 when the sport was on the cusp of its first big boom. Since running his first ultra, Sherpa has competed in over 50 official races with 15 one hundred mile finishes. He is considered by some in the Front Range to be one of the younger pioneers of our sport. In 2007, Sherpa helped organize the first ever Death Race in Pittsfield, VT, which would later spawn smaller events known as the Spartan Races. He would go on to co-direct the Pittsfield Peaks Ultra Challenge from 2007-2010. In 2008, he directed the first 200-mile trail ultra in North America. His New England Ultras was taken on by Peak Races and remains today as the McNaughton in Vermont 50, 100, 150, 200 and 500 Mile races.

Sherpa now brings his race direction to Colorado’s Front Range in the form of the Human Potential Running Series. Human Potential Running: A History While living in New Hampshire, Sherpa John learned the traditions of Ultra Running from a small group of “older” ultra runners with storied pasts of their own. Their tutelage encouraged community as the core of the sport, and Fat Ass races being the true spirit of winter training. Sherpa created his own series of Fat Ass runs in 2005 which grew as it stretched over the years. By 2010-2011, Sherpa had created a series of 4 Fat Ass offerings. Upon moving to Colorado in 2011, Sherpa was surprised to see a lack of Fat Ass events in Colorado’s Front Range given the number of ultra runners living in the area. He started his own series, which grew to 7 offerings in 2013-2014. Last year, Human Potential hosted Colorado’s Largest Free Fat Ass event in Feburary. Over 200 runners showed up to at least one of their offerings.Human Potential will once again be offering its Fat Ass series through the winter of 2014-2015, starting in November.

Human Potential Races: So it begins With the great success of his Fat Ass Series, a group of local ultra runners convinced Sherpa John to add an official ultra race series to his offerings. They noted the success of the Fat Ass Series and Sherpa’s reputation for creating grueling, yet fun, events in Colorado’s Front Range. In March 2014, Human Potential LLC was born. Human Potential will be hosting its First Race on September 6th in Woodland Park, CO. The Tommyknocker Ultramarathons will feature 100K and 50K distances in Pike National Forest. Their second offering comes on November 1st in Sedalia, CO. The Indian Creek Fifties will feature 50 Mile and 50K distances also in Pike National Forest. The Human Potential Running Series will expand in 2015 to the town of Fairplay, CO. There, they will host the South Park Trail Marathon & Half in June, The Sheep Mountain 50-Mile Endurance Run in July, and the Silverheels 100 Mile Endurance Run in August.

A Series for All: Roots Sherpa John and Human Potential LLC is looking to return ultra back towards its roots. They look to eliminate exorbitant entry fees, promote community, and will celebrate all runners as equals by eliminating prize monies for front runners. “I’ve grown tired of the same 15-20 runners reaping the benefits of prize money in our sport. Especially since myself, and all the other runners behind them, contribute a portion of our entry fees to their winnings. I really believe the old tradition that all runners receive the same awards, and the community focus of races, still has a place in our sport. I want to showcase that in Colorado by welcoming everyone to a series built for them. All of them.” ~ “Sherpa” John Lacroix Human Potential Online.

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About Human Potential LLC

Human Potential is a Limited Liability Corp passionate about ultra marathons and the discovery of an individuals potential as humans. The organize free groups runs, races, outdoor educational experiences, and running tourism adventures.

Release provided by “Sherpa” John Lacroix Owner – Race Director, Human Potential LLC.

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