Dauwalter, Kretzmann Win Chase the Moon Solo Run


The inaugural Chase the Moon 12 Hour Endurance Run kicked off Friday evening at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch, CO.  With almost 100 solo runners and 25 teams participating, the trails of the Backcountry Wilderness area were full of good spirit and camaraderie until the morning hours.

The event profile is unique in race nature: runners took off from the start/finish/transition line at the high school and set off on a 10.3 mile lollipop loop.  There were solo runners competing individually, 3-person and 5-person teams competing in the male, female and coed divisions.  Whether you were by yourself or on a team, everyone’s goal was to get as many laps in as possible.

The solo runner that achieved the highest mileage was 29-year old Courtney Dauwalter of Denver.  Dauwalter completed 7 laps for a total of 72.1 miles in 11:33:54.  Coming in second for the women was 38-year old Kaija Staley of Golden who completed 5 laps for a total of 51.5 miles in 8:58:20.  Rounding out the top three was 29-year old Leah Capitini of Denver who also completed 5 laps and 51.5 miles in 10:50:50.

The men’s solo race saw 28-year old Scott Kretzmann of Denver take top honors with 6 laps and 65.5 miles in 10:45:46.  Coming in second was 45-year old Scott Swaney of Highlands Ranch who also completed 6 laps and 65.5 miles in 11:20:00.  Third place belonged to 30-year old Stuart Cohen of Denver who completed 6 laps and 61.8 miles in 10:18:37.

In the 3-person team results, men’s team Runner’s Roost Mountain/Ultra completed 9 laps and 90.9 miles in 11:37:13.  Women’s team Tony’s Night Shift completed 5 laps and 58.1 miles in 11:39:12, and the winning coed team was Runner’s Roost Mountain/Ultra J-Lo with 7 laps and 70.3 miles in 11:52:40.

The 5-person team results saw men’s team Six Degrees complete 7 laps and 75.1 miles in 11:56:12.  Women’s team Cereal Killers finished 6 laps and 61.8 miles in 9:59:1.  The coed team victor was Cottage of Wattage with 8 laps completed and 87.9 miles in 11:42:23.

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