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Jamie Donaldson: Slow and Steady Wins the (Ultra) Race

Littleton’s Jamie Donaldson has set numerous course records (for both male and female divisions) and can boast of accomplishments at the United States’ major ultra-marathons including Badwater, Leadville, Lost 118, and Rocky Racoon (see below for more). She credits her friends and family, her support system, for her accomplishments. Recently, Jamie took a short break […]

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MapMyFITNESS Launches New Nutrition Center to Give Members Access to Online Nutrition Tracking

MapMyFITNESS, Inc., the premier provider of web and mobile health and fitness-related software applications, recently launched its new Nutrition Center—a comprehensive resource aimed at helping MapMyFITNESS members get better educated about their food choices and more committed to their nutrition and weight loss goals. “Our Nutrition Center is another innovative and powerful MapMyFITNESS tool aimed […]

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Spaghetti Bolognese

Sports Meals And Snacks: Fueling Hungry Runners

Picking the perfect menu to enhance your performance can be a difficult task. While many athletes know the words carbs, proteins and fats, they often don’t know how  to translate those words into food choices. Hence, the goal of this article is to offer specific food suggestions to fit a variety of exercise situations. Try […]

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MapMyFITNESS and Wahoo Fitness Integrate iMapMy Apps with ANT+ to Provide Fitness Enthusiasts Heart Rate Data On-the-Go Using iPhone

MapMyFITNESS Inc., a premier provider of online and mobile fitness apps, and Wahoo Fitness have partnered to integrate iMapMy apps with the Fisica ANT+ 30 pin Sensor Key, offering fitness enthusiasts the ability to track heart rate data using iPhone. “We’re turning iPhone into a powerful tool that helps fitness enthusiasts achieve their health and […]

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Eco-Friendly Armpocket is a Must-Have Accessory for Eco-Conscious People on the Move

Armpocket is the ideal accessory for active, eco-conscious people outdoors, at the gym, store, school or traveling. Expertly engineered by runners for runners, the water-resistant Armpocket securely holds multiple items such as keys, phones, energy bars, credit cards, iPods and IDs, to make hands-free activity possible. Memory foam padding ensures comfort and a snug fit, […]

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Win or Lose – Anton Krupicka Adds Up the Ultra Accomplishments

Patient persistence, affection for the trails, and a strong endurance gene: descriptors that are otherwise known as traits that makes a ‘good’ ultra-runner. And if one combines ‘good’ traits with aggressive goals, a drive to leverage his personal exceptional abilities, and an unconquerable spirit? The result could be 27-year-old ultra-runner and Boulder resident, Anton Krupicka. […]

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Largest National trail running listing on the Internet. Information on all things running by serious runners for serious runners including running shoe reviews, races, training plans, mapping tools, forum, and blog. www.SeriousRunning.com Seriousrunning.com was inspired by the experience of an Army Officer who returned home from a deployment to Iraq. He used running to simplify […]

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The Upside To Treadmill Running

Some athletes do not particularly enjoy training on the treadmill as it mitigates the stimulus, the fresh air and even the social aspects of running outdoors. However, it is a valuable tool that can be used in a variety ways to improve your running. The first thing to note is that not all treadmills are […]

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Athlete Profile: Heather Utrata

At Denver races, especially if it’s a marathon, you might hear cheers of ‘Go, Heather, go'; possibly, they are encouraging Heather Utrata, a 28-year-old member of the Runner’s Roost running team and ambitious runner and marathoner. Utrata began running to ‘restore balance to her life’ after a wild freshman year at CSU. In 2011, balance […]

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Home Sally Edwards’s Triathlons for Women Can Help Any Woman Become a Triathlete

Triathlon legend Sally Edwards has published a newly updated edition of the best-selling women’s triathlon training book, Triathlons for Women. For over 20 years, Sally Edwards has cheered, prodded, and even pushed hundreds of thousands of women across the finish line of their first triathlon. This newest edition of Triathlons for Women can help any […]

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RunPhones Combine Headbands, Headphones For Comfortable And Safe Exercise With Music

Everyone knows listening to music while exercising outside helps to make working out more enjoyable. However, ear buds can be uncomfortable and can drown out other important sounds such as traffic and other people. RunPhones, a new washable, comfortable headphones designed specifically for exercise, provide the perfect compromise of music, comfort, convenience, and safety. RunPhones […]

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The Running Life Features Best of Running Columns

Though running is essentially a solitary endeavor, runners share many common interests, stories, motivations and philosophies. These communal elements of running are compiled in a new book, The Running Life, by Donald Buraglio and Mike Dove, competitive runners and sports columnists from the Monterey Peninsula, California. The 268-page book includes a collection of columns written […]

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Natural Running The Simple Path to Stronger, Healthier Running

Natural Running is the middle ground runners have been looking for. By learning to run the barefoot way, while wearing shoes, runners will become more efficient, stronger, and healthier runners. Backed by studies at MIT and Harvard, running form and injury expert Danny Abshire presents the natural running technique, form drills, and an 8-week transition […]

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2010 Year End Shoe Review

Many of the shoes we see each year are actually aimed at the holiday season/year’s end, but others arrive in the fall (earlier than year-end models but later than our traditional fall review) so we think they, too, deserve mention in our year-end wrap-up. Though not always equipped for the weather at the end of […]

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Fast Food vs. Real Food

Long days of work and training may cause serious damage to your well-intentioned dinner plans. A trip to the nearest fast food restaurant becomes your most logical decision. Unfortunately, many of the options at these establishments are less than ideal for athletes. Time constraints and hunger may lead you to choose foods that inhibit recovery […]

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Super Foods for Super Women

If you want to feel like Superwoman this race season, fueling up with nutrient-powered foods and smart supplementing has positive payoffs. Quality eating provides nutrients that boost your immune system, and supercharge your performance. Supplements build upon your best food choices and provide an edge on the race course. All the food and supplement strategies […]

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Nutrition for the Heat

It’s getting warmer! Heat, sometimes combined with humidity depending on where you live, can throw you a good curve ball during these summer months of training and competition. We have all heard stories about athletes being taken to the hospital during a race for dehydration, or collapsing before the finish line or seeing white spots […]

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An Interview With Melody Fairchild

Melody Fairchild is arguably the best American high school female distance runner of all time. She was born September 10, 1973 in Boulder and began running in the city’s foothills at age nine. Melody won eight Colorado track and cross country state championship titles for Boulder High School and still holds the state records for […]

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Matt Fitzgerald’s New Book Teaches the Run-by-Feel Techniques of Elite Runners

Most serious runners don’t realize their potential because they are unable to run by feel. Traditional training has taught them to rely on formulas and gadgets instead of listening to their bodies. They simply stop getting faster and don’t understand why. The best elite runners have learned that the key to faster running is to […]

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