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The Athlete’s Kitchen: Super Sports Foods: Do They Really Need to be Exotic?

Do you ever get tired of reading yet-another headline about The 10 Best Super Sports Foods, only be instructed to buy exotic fruits, ancient grains, and other unusual items? Do runners really need chia, spelt, and quinoa? Is anything wrong with old-fashioned peanut butter, broccoli and brown rice? Doubtful! Powerful nutrients are found in standard […]

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Performance Nutrition: Focus on the Drink

Cait Chock wrote this piece to get us all to think about the importance of hydration and how a lack of hydration will affect even the most well planned races…. There’s more to sports nutrition than just food: liquids. Yes, hydration plays a critical role in the body’s ability to perform and function as it […]

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BOCO FIT Brings Lagree Fitness Phenomenon to Boulder

The 80’s ushered in some serious bounce with aerobics. The 90s introduced a confusing contraption known as the Thigh Master. The early 2000s brought about the minimally exotic and maximally embarrassing strippercise. Lagree Fitness, an exercise routine gaining popularity in this decade, is constructed around long, slow movements. Though it may have a fate similar […]

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Fueling on a Budget: Tips for Hungry Runners

“When we travel as a team, we eat at fast food places because they fit with our small budget.What’s the best fast food for athletes…?”  “After my workout, the last thing I want to do is cook dinner. Where can I buy affordable but healthy sports meals…?” A limited food budget creates a fueling challenge […]

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The Athlete’s Kitchen: ADHD, Runners & Appetite Issues

Many teens and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are good runners. In elementary school, they may not have been good at sitting quietly, but they certainly could excel at sports. Many found exercise had a calming, centering effect. With maturation, exercise still helps them get through their school/workday. Runners with ADHD often have […]

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Male Running Through Mountains

How To Run Downhill

Anyone who has run a race with a lot of downhill (hello, Boston marathon) knows that running downhill can actually be more taxing than the grind up the hill. The inner quad (i.e. the vastus medialis, the muscle that is HUGE in cyclists) takes the brunt of downhill running, but the hips, ankles and low […]

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Master of the Treadmill Workout: HTS Elite Coach Brad Hudson shares his keys to making your indoor workouts count

When the weather gets bad, some runners consider treadmills. Caitlin Chock pitched us on this piece regarding Brad Hudson, one of my favorite coaches, and his suggestions on training on the treadmill.  We’re counting down the days until the USA Cross Country Champions; meanwhile, host city Boulder, CO is experiencing some rather harsh winter weather. […]

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Racing Weight Cookbook Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes

Racing Weight Cookbook Serves Up the Best Foods for Athletes

Release provided by Dave Trendler. Racing Weight Cookbook delivers more than 100 flavorful, easy recipes that will help athletes hit their ideal weight without compromising performance. The book is the third in the best-selling Racing Weight SeriesT and is now available in bookstores; bike, tri, and running shops; and online. Preview the book and try […]

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Nutrition News: Gut Microbes Closely Linked to Proper Immune Function, Other Health Issues

Release provided by David Stauth. A new understanding of the essential role of gut microbes in the immune system may hold the key to dealing with some of the more significant health problems facing people in the world today, Oregon State University researchers say in a new analysis. Problems ranging from autoimmune disease to clinical […]

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