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Colorado passes tough penalty for texting while driving

img 0045 - Colorado passes tough penalty for texting while drivingColorado is poised to dramatically increase the punishment for texting while driving under a bill that easily passed the state House on a 56-8 vote Monday morning.

SB 27 increases the penalty for a first offense from a $50 fine and one point on a driver’s record — to $300 and four points.
The measure had already passed the Senate and now heads to the desk of Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado).

The governor’s spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery declined to predict whether the bill will be signed into law, but it is worth noting that Hickenlooper’s administration has made a public push to reduce distracted driving accidents in the state.

One of the bill’s sponsors State Senator Lois Court said she spoke with the governor and is confident he will sign it into law.

“Oh, absolutely,” she said.

Victims of distracted driving accidents banded together to promote the bill, which originally began with an even tougher $500 fine.

“Careless driving, distracted driving has become epidemic,” said Court.

The senator said the increased fine not about collecting more money but creating a deterrent.

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