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Product Review: Leg Lube

leg-lube-logoCreated by athletes – for athletes, LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel offers exceptional performance over ordinary soap and shaving cream. Our ultra-lubricating formula reduces drag, nicks, in-grown hairs, razor burn and dry skin and can be used anywhere you shave: on LEGS, FACE, ARMS, CHEST, HEAD, BIKINI and BACK. You can even use the product out of the shower!

Our product performs so well, that you can shave with it OUT OF THE SHOWER! This is a big plus for many women (and racers) who forget to shave before going out (or to a race). LEG LUBE® Performance Shave Gel solves that “Oh darn, I forgot to shave” problem and gives users a solution that works incredibly well and smells great.

• Can be used IN-or-OUT of the SHOWER
• UNISEX formula for both Men & Women
• FRESH SCENT dissipates after use
• Leaves legs feeling FRESH and “TINGLY”
• EASY-TO-USE (one “bead” is all you need)
• Works EVERYWHERE (legs, face, arms, etc…)
• TSA APPROVED packaging can be carried-on anywhere in the world
• PARABEN FREE formula with Aloe, Eucalyptus and other essential oils

If you, or your test subjects, are used to shaving products with a lot of foam, then be prepared that LEG LUBE® is a clear, non-lathering shave gel. For people who are used to foaming products it will be a different experience and may take a couple of times for them to get used to it. You should also keep in mind that a lot of folks think that foam = lubrication when in fact, the opposite is quite true. Foaming agents on whole, can decrease lubrication. Finally, because it is clear and non-lathering, it makes for easy clean-up which is key for shaving in or out of the shower, one of the key performance features. Most people wouldn’t want to shave out of the shower with a foamy product as it would be a mess to clean up.

Video showing how to shave out of the shower: