Regional Photo Gallery: Wild West Relay, Ft. Collins to Steamboat Springs, CO

August 20, 2005 |

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With exuberance for life and a passion for exploration, Steve has long been capturing stories through a camera and journal. He enjoys sharing the beauty of the world, whether it’s following the journey of a frog on a backcountry trail or recognizing the achievements and work of amazing individuals.At Cascade High School in Everett, WA he discovered his first grand passion – competitive running. Enthusiastic by nature, he completely immersed himself in the sport and went on to run on the cross-country and track teams at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA).It wasn’t long before another passion emerged. The Northwest’s majestic peaks were hard to ignore and he found himself increasingly drawn to the mountains on the weekends, whether it was summiting Northwest Volcanoes, climbing basalt towers at Vantage, high mileage hikes, or tearing up the local slopes at Alpentol. He combined these experiences with a burgeoning interest in writing and photography in his outdoor column for the school newspaper, The Daily.His passion for the outdoors also led to a deep appreciation for the natural world. Steve graduated from UW in 2000 with a degree in Botany.His current interests vary widely from running and adventure sports to conservation efforts and alternative health. Whatever the topic, you can count on Steve bringing his enthusiasm to every new adventure he encounters.“Steve and Marcie Glass are the first people we come to for freelance articles in Colorado Runner. Their writing skills are creative and insightful, and they love to pitch new ideas. Steve is also a very talented photographer who submits unique, high quality photographs for our magazine. They are also very dependable in meeting deadlines.” – Jessica and Derek Griffiths, Publishers of Colorado Runner Magazine